Supported Fiat Currencies

Mural supports linking external Bank Accounts to your Mural organization and adding Bank Accounts to your Contacts for the purposes of paying, receiving, depositing, and withdrawing fiat funds. The tables below highlights which fiat currencies we support, and for which platform operations.

The operations in the tables are defined as follows:

  • Pay - You can make payments from your Mural account directly to a Contact's bank account that supports the fiat currency.

  • Deposit - You can send funds in this currency into your Mural account via the Deposit flow.

  • Withdraw - You can withdraw funds from your Mural account into a connected Bank Account in this currency. See the Withdraw flow.

Fiat operations differ between Business Organizations and Individual Organizations. See the appropriate table below depending on which kind of Mural Organization you have.

Business Organizations

Individual Organizations

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