Create an Account

After setting up your Organization, you can create a digital asset Account. Accounts are are used to manage your Organization's digital assets, functioning similarly to a traditional bank account. They also provide configurable approval workflows for enhanced security.

For Individual organizations, an Account is automatically created for you upon the creation of your organization. No further action is required for Account creation.

Create an Account

Click on + Add Account button and follow these 3 steps to create a digital asset Account in Mural:

  1. Add Account Info - create a name for the Account (e.g. "Payroll Account") and add a short description (optional)

  2. Configure Approvers - select which users have the ability to approve payments / transactions coming from this Account.

  3. Set Approval Threshold - choose the approval threshold for any transactions associated with this account. (e.g. 1/3 means that any 1 of the 3 account approvers can approve or reject transactions from this account).

It is discouraged to set an unanimous approval threshold (e.g. 2/2 or 3/3). In this setup, if any of the approvers lose access to their Digital Signatures, an account can be bricked. Mural is not a custodian of digital assets and does not maintain backup approvers.

After submitting the account creation details, it will take < 1 min to create your account. Once it is created, you will be able to click into it and access the details of the account (address, balances, approvers). For more details on the technology behind Accounts and their functionality, refer to the Accounts documentation.

Fund your Account

Now that you have created an Account, it's time to add funds! There are two ways to add funds to your account:

  1. USD Deposit: You can send USD to Mural, and funds will automatically be converted to USDC and deposited into your Account. See the Deposit Funds from Bank flow for complete details.

  2. External Transfer: Using an external exchange or wallet of your choice, you can send USDC to your new account by copying the address or scanning the QR code. See the Add Funds button on the account view.

Note that Mural Accounts are deployed on the Ethereum blockchain and can only receive ETH or ERC20 tokens (e.g. USDC, USDT).

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