On Mural, Accounts are used to manage an Organization's digital assets, functioning similarly to a traditional bank account.

Under the hood, an Account is a multi-signature wallet built on top of Safe. Multi-signature wallets enable multiple users (with their Digital Signatures) to manage funds stored in the Account. Using multi-signature wallets as the underlying technology for Mural Accounts has two key advantages:

  • Keeps an Organization in complete control of their assets. Mural does not take custody of user assets, and instead an Organization have total control over funds stored in the Accounts.

  • Multi-user governance over your organization's funds for enhanced security. In Mural, we refer to those managing users as Account Approvers.

It is very important to setup an appropriate approval threshold for your accounts.

Set a threshold less than the total number of approvers to provide redundancy in case a user loses access to their Digital Signature (e.g. 1/3, 2/4). It is discouraged to set a unanimous approval threshold (e.g. 1/1, 2/2). Mural does not custody user assets, so in this setup if an approver loses access to their Digital Signature, an account can be bricked.

Supported Networks

The default blockchain network for organizations is Polygon. If you would like another network added to your organization, please contact [email protected].

Additional networks that are supported include Ethereum, Base, and more.

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