Change Account Approvers

Individual organization Accounts are single-approver, so approvers cannot be updated. Only multi-signer accounts in Business organizations can be updated.

After an account is has been created or linked, you can change the approvers or the approver threshold in the Accounts view. Changes will require you to approve the action by meeting the existing approval threshold.

Here are some simple steps to follow:

  1. Click into the account that you'd like to change approvers.

  2. Within the account view, navigate to Approvers tab.

  3. If you are already an approver of this account, you will see an + Add Approver button. If not, please contact the existing approvers listed in the table to add you as approver.

  4. After clicking on + Add Approver button, a pop up modal will ask you to choose an existing org member to add as approver. After selecting an org member, you will be asked to configure a new approval threshold with the new approver added. Note that only one approver can be added at once.

  5. Once clicked on Save button, existing approvers of this account has to approve this operation in order to successfully add the new approver. Meeting the pre-existing approval threshold is required. Hover on the info icon to find out how many more approval is needed to execute this operation.

Removing of an existing approver will follow the same steps above.

It is discouraged to set an unanimous approval threshold (e.g. 2/2 or 3/3) in case one of the approvers loses access to their digital signature.

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