Imported Wallets


Mural supports using imported crypto wallets for your Digital Signature. In this model, you can import your external wallet to your Mural profile, and you will be prompted to sign transactions when making payments.

Mural currently supports the following wallet providers and integrations:

Metamask - Free and open source. Non-custodial wallet with usage via a chrome extension.

Coinbase Wallet - Provide US-centric custodial wallet solution with a mobile application.

Wallet Connect - Mural supports any WalletConnect supported wallet, which covers most wallet providers. Simply scan the QR code and connect your wallet.

You are not required to bring your own external wallet to Mural to manage assets and make payments. The platform default for managing assets is via Passkeys.

Import an External Wallet

To import an external wallet as your Digital Signature, visit your user Profile. Open the side-menu on the Digital Signature configuration, and click Import Wallet. You will be prompted to choose your wallet provider and sign a message to confirm the connection.

What is an External Wallet?

A crypto wallet keep your private keys - passwords that give you the ability to approve transactions and access digital assets - safe and accessible. A wallet doesn't directly store funds, but instead stores the keys used to sign transactions and access your funds.

There are two key components of a crypto wallet:

  • Public Key - This is the public wallet address, and is not sensitive. After importing a wallet in Mural this is the address that will show up in your Profile.

  • Private Key - This is used to cryptographically sign transactions. This is sensitive information, and should never be shared with others.

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