Bulk Payment with CSV

Mural allows you to easily convert payment spreadsheets into bulk payment transactions via CSV files. To start, follow this quick guide:

  1. Click on Pay under the Move Money button in the top navigation

  2. After selecting the Payout Account, in the Recipients section, click on Upload CSV. You will see a pop-up to choose which type of recipients you are uploading. You can download a template for each type of recipient and upload your prepared CSV file. Note that the header must match exactly. We recommend having your recipients synced as connections first and then uploading a CSV file without the wallet address. This way, we can guarantee the recipient can receive the funds at their preferred and correct wallet address.

  3. A prepared CSV would look like the example below. Please note that each row can only have one currency type. To pay one recipient with multiple currency types, create a dedicated row for each currency with the same recipient information. See the row 4 and 5 in the example.

  4. Drag and drop the CSV file to the modal and click on the Upload button to start processing your file.

  5. Once the file is processed, you will see a summary of recipients and total amounts. You will be notified if your file has any errors, and we will provide warnings if we have detected any existing contacts with a matching wallet address that needs to be updated. We will also create new contacts if any new wallet addresses you haven't paid before are detected.

  6. Once everything looks ready, click on Confirm. You will see the recipients have been successfully added, and you can continue with the Payment flow.

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