Receive or Upload Bills

Receive or upload bills to manage and pay them within Mural

Bills can populate into Mural in four ways:

  1. You receive an Invoice from a Connection

  2. You receive an Invoice from a non-Connection Mural user and file it

  3. You receive a Payment Request

  4. You manually upload a bill

Receiving Bills

A bill will automatically populate into Mural for you if you receive an Invoice from a Connection or if you receive a Payment Request.

If an Invoice has been sent to your email from an organization that is not a Connection, you can choose the Pay with Mural option to file it as a bill under an organization of your choosing (this should be the organization with which you ultimately intend to pay).

Uploading Bills

To manually upload a bill, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click + New Bill from the Bill Pay Inbox tab

  2. If applicable, upload supporting document(s) as attachments

  3. Select the contact that you intend to pay as the Recipient

  4. Enter other information specific to the bill, optionally adding metadata such as a memo, tag, or further attachments

  5. Click Create

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