Set up an Organization

In Mural, an Organization defines the security boundaries / scope of core resources (Accounts, Transaction, Contacts, Invoices, etc.) for you or your team. Upon your first login, after setting up your user details, you will be prompted to configure an Organization.

Create an Organization

During onboarding flow, you will be guided to create your first organization. You will be asked to choose from two options:


This type of organization represents a registered business entity. It comes with several advanced features such as:


This type of organization is for individual contractors or employees who only want to receive payments and withdraw to a bank account or external wallets.

  • Single-signer account

  • Payment receiving and transaction tracking

  • Low-fee off-ramping to local currencies

  • Identity verification with valid photo ID required

Configure Organization Info

Afterwards, the organization details can be found and edited in Organization Settings page, which is only visible to members in your organization with Owner role. You will be prompted to complete KYB (Business) or KYC (Individual), which will automatically populate your Organization details.

Invite Team Members

After setting up an Organization, you can invite the rest of your team! Members are added and removed via the Organization Settings panel, in the Members tab. When you invite a team member, they will receive an login email.

Currently, there are two roles available. By default, a new onboarded will be a Member of the organization, but can be upgraded into Owner to collaboratively manage org settings.

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