Manually Add Contact

Adding contact info manually is possible in the bottom of the New Connection modal. You will need to make sure wallet address details are correctly entered. We highly recommend inviting your contractors and clients to connect with you to ensure your recipient's wallet address is always updated, instead of manually set.

Payments on Mural are on the Ethereum Mainnet network. Please confirm with your recipient that the address you are entering for a contact corresponds to an Ethereum Mainnet wallet address.

To add contact individually

  1. Navigate to the Contacts tab, and click on + New. In the bottom left, click on Manually Enter Contact Info ->

  2. Select the type of contact you are adding and enter the information in the form.

  3. Click Done and the connection is saved to your contacts. You can edit the details of the contact anytime.

To bulk upload contacts via CSV file

  1. Navigate to the Contacts tab, and click on the Upload Contacts button.

  2. Choose the type of contact you are uploading and a template will be provided for each type.

  3. Upload the CSV file and then click Import to save.

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