Deposit Funds from Bank (On-Ramp)

The deposit (On-Ramp) feature is currently available for USD to USDC & USDT for US bank accounts, with the exclusion of businesses with a primary operating address in NY, LA, FL or AK. Support for other regions and fiat currencies coming soon!

There are two ways to add funds to a Mural account. You can (1) send funds from an external digital wallet, or (2) directly deposit from a USD bank account. The Deposit flow allows Org Owners to add funds via ACH or Wire transfer from Bank Accounts directly to Mural Accounts.

Before you begin, an Org Owner needs to Verify your Identity.

Initiate a Deposit

  1. Access the deposit flow under the Move Money button in the top navigation, or from within a specific Account.

  2. Enter the desired deposit amount and add any attachments, memo or tags (only stored internally for your accounting purposes), and hit the Next button.

  3. After clicking on the Next button, a one-time bank transfer detail will be displayed. Send the required amount via domestic ACH transfer to the displayed account details. Your deposit will be processed automatically as soon as the funds are received.

You must include the deposit message on your transaction. Failing to include the deposit message will require manual review and result in longer processing time. If your bank's character limit does not allow you to fit the entire message, please enter as much of the message as possible.

  1. Once you have sent the funds from your Bank, confirm by clicking on the I've sent the funds button.

Track a Deposit

Deposit transactions can be tracked in the Transactions tab. When a deposit is initiated, but funds are still in transit, the transaction will show up in the Pending Transactions table above your Completed Transactions. Once you have received the funds and the deposit is reconciled, the transaction will be moved to the Completed Transactions table.

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