Users & Roles

User Profile

Your User on Mural is tied to the email used to login to the platform. As a User, you can manage your profile data by selecting Profile from the dropdown on the top right of the navigation bar.

Within the Profile view, you have the ability to edit your user data:

After you complete KYC / Identity verification, we lock your user information with your verified data. If you need to make changes after this point, contact us at [email protected]

User Roles

Within an Organization, users have different levels of access depending on their assigned Role. Currently there are two Role types in Mural:

  • Member - Default role for users when they are invited to an Organization. Members can:

    • View Account data (balances, approvers, transactions)

    • View and edit transaction data (tags, memos, attachments)

    • Create and edit payments, transfers, withdrawals, and deposits

    • Create and edit contacts

  • Owner - Admin users who control an Organization's settings. In addition to the set of actions that Members can take, Owners can:

    • Create and link Accounts

    • Edit Organization Settings (add / remove members, change roles, set allowed tokens)

    • Complete KYB on behalf of the Organization (required for Withdraw and Deposit flow)

Note that a User's role with an organization is independent from their ability to approve / reject payments. Approvers are set on the Account level and are tied to a user's digital signature.

Have a new set of permissions that doesn't fit the existing Roles? Reach out to [email protected] and we can help!

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