Business & Identity Verification

To access certain features, Mural requires you to verify your business or identity via KYB / KYC. This helps us to ensure the legitimacy of a business or individual and to protect your funds. Mural partners with Persona for identity verification services.

Features That Require KYB / KYC

Currently, the following features will require Identity Verification

Verify Your Identity (KYB / KYC)

Only users with the Organization Owner role can verify an Organization.

  1. Navigate to Org Settings > General, and a banner at the top will prompt you to verify your business or identity.

  2. Follow the steps to submit identity information. The required information will differ depending on the Organization type:

Business Organizations

  • General Business details (name, website, address, business description, etc.)

  • Business Formation Date

  • Business Formation Document (e.g. Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Formation)

  • EIN / Tax Identification Number

  • Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) - individuals who own >20% of the entity

  • Shareholder Registry or other document proving UBO Ownership

  • UBO Identity details - will receive an email to provide proof of identity

Individual Organizations

  • Name

  • Contact Information (email, phone number)

  • Primary address

  • Photo Identification document

  • Nationality

  • SSN / Tax Identification Number

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