Wallet to Passkey Migration

For Accounts managed by your external wallet as an Approver, you can migrate to a passkey-based approval by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Accounts tab and select the Account you want to migrate to passkey-based approvals.

  2. Visit the Approvers tab within the Account, and click the Use Passkey button.

  1. Follow the prompts to setup your passkey-based digital signature.

  1. After setting up your passkey, Mural will automatically generate a change request to add your passkey-based digital signature as an Approver on the Account. Approve and execute the Add Approver request.

  1. Your passkey Digital Signature has now been added! To now use it for future approvals, visit your Profile Settings and update your Digital Signature to Use Passkey. This will disconnect your wallet from your profile.

Your migration is now complete! You will be prompted to use your passkey for any future approvals on this account. You can optionally remove your external wallet as an approver from the account. Note that you will need to complete this migration for each Account that you want to manage with passkeys.

This migration is completely optional, and Mural will continue to support imported wallets for approvals. If you wish to continue using an external wallet to approve transactions, no action is required.

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