Account Statements

Monthly account statements for taxes & accounting

Mural generates monthly account statements for each account at the conclusion of each month. These statements show the month end balances and a history of transactions broken down by currency type. To access these statements, follow the steps below:

  1. On the first of each month, the members of your organization will receive an email that the account statements are ready for review.

  2. Log into Mural and select the account for which you want to review the statement. In the account view, click the Statements tab, where you will be able to access and download statements for each completed month.

  3. You have the option to download the statement in

    • PDF format - includes account balance, currency breakdown, and transaction history by currency type.

    • CSV format - transaction history, one row per transaction.

Please note

  • The exchange rates are provided by third-party sources and are for reference only.

  • When certain currencies' exchange rates are unavailable, they will be excluded from the calculation of account balances.

  • We calculate the account balance with the fair market value of the exchange rate. Due to the exchange rate fluctuation, the account balance might not match the balance shown on the platform.

  • USD values are displayed using "half round up" rounding. As a result, where intermediate USD values are shown, final totals can appear to be off by one cent.

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