Create and Send an Invoice

Create and send invoices with customizable branding

Follow these simple step to create your first invoice in minutes:

  1. In the side navigation, navigate to Invoicing and then click on + New Invoice to start configuring your first invoice.

  2. In the top bar, select the Account and the Accepted Currency for the payment. Note that only currencies that have been enabled in your Organization Settings can be used for invoicing.

  3. If you haven't added a logo and contact info for your business, you can click on Add Company Detail to customize (need "Owner" permissions). You can edit the business details at any time in Organization Settings.

  4. At the top right corner of the invoice,

    • Invoice # - The sequential invoice number will be generated only when the invoice is sent. Otherwise will stay as Draft.

    • Issue Date - This date will be finalized when the invoice is sent.

    • Due Date - Configure the date you want to receive the payment by. We will automatically notify your client 2 days ahead of the due date, and once the invoice is past due.

  5. Add the client you want to send the invoice to by clicking Select or Add Contact. This will allow you to create a new contact or select from your existing contacts. A selected contact must have a valid email.

  6. Add line items and services to you invoice by clicking on Add Line Item. When creating a new item, saving to the Product Catalog will provide convenience for quick selection in the future. The total invoice amount will be auto-calculated as a new item is inserted.

  7. Before sending the invoice, add a memo message or attachment(s). Note that a PDF will be auto-generated based on your invoice details, so you do no need to include the invoice PDF as an attachment.

  8. Finally, click on Send Invoice to send the invoice to the recipient. You can add additional contacts to receive the invoice as well by including others in CC. When ready, hit Send.

Alternatively, you click on Save Draft at any time to save the progress of an invoice you are working on and revisit later.

After an invoice is sent, you can easily resend the invoice as a reminder or directly share the invoice link by click on Resend Invoice in the action menu in the invoice table or side-panel.

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