Track Invoice Payment

An invoice will have several statuses throughout its lifecycle:

Draft - The invoice is created but has not been sent

Sent - The invoice has been sent to the client

Paid - The invoice has been successfully paid or marked as paid

Review Needed - Your client has manually submitted a transaction, but cannot be automatically reconciled (due to one or more errors). It will require your review.

Past Due - The invoice has been sent, but has not been paid before the Due Date

Declined - The invoice was declined by the client and can no longer receive payment, but can still be viewed

Voided - The invoice is voided and can no longer receive payment, but can still be viewed

When an invoice changes status, you will receive an email notification.

Review a Submitted Payment

When your client has submitted a payment for your invoice, but we cannot automatically reconcile the transaction, you will be notified to manually review the submitted proof of transaction. In this situation, you will be provided with the context / error message.

Track Received Payment

If an invoice payment can be automatically reconciled, you can easily find the corresponding transaction by clicking on "View Transaction" in the action dropdown or clicking on the Transaction link in the side panel. We automatically attach the invoice PDF to paid transactions.

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