Add Connections

Connections are an enhanced type of contact that allows your contractors and vendors to manage their payment details independently. This allows you to pay and invoice your Connections securely without need of asking for their payment details as they will be able to self-manage.

Mural requires all Connections to pass our Business or Identity Verification, giving you an additional layer of protection and compliance. This prevent fraud and provides continuous compliance monitoring.

To Get Started

  1. Make sure your organization has passed our Business or Individual Verification. Processing time generally takes less than 1 business day.

  2. Once verified, navigate to the Contacts tab, and click on + New

  3. Enter the email addresses of the contractors and vendors you'd like to connect with. Upon clicking Invite, each email address entered will receive an email invitation to connect with your organization.

  4. The pending invitations can be tracked under Sent Invitations where you can Resend or Cancel an invitation

  5. The invited contractors and vendors will need to accept your invitation. If they don't have a Mural account yet, they will be guided to sign up and create an account on Mural.

  6. Once the invitation is accepted, you will be notified via email as well as in-platform. Your new connection will now be ready to receive payments.

How to accept an invitation?

To accept an invitation, navigate to any of your organizations and you will see the pending invitation on your home dashboard. Upon accepting the invitation, you will be prompted to choose the organization that you would like to connect.

What if my invitation is rejected?

You will receive a notification if your invitation is rejected - you can always resend a new invitation to connect. We recommend reaching out to those you are connecting with to ensure your invitation will be accepted before retrying.

What business information is shared with my connection?

Once you have setup a Connection, the following information is shared with your connections:

  • The wallet address of your Default Account

  • Organization Name

  • Email

  • Physical Address (for invoice billing)

  • Tax ID (only businesses)

Why do I not have the option to invite a connection?

Reach out to the Owner of your organization to ensure KYB/KYC verification has been completed.

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