Product Catalog

Manage product and service line items for Invoicing

In the Product Catalog, you can define product and service items that are re-used in invoices. Add a description, currency, and price of each item, then directly add these items to your invoices.

Create Product Items

  1. Navigate to Invoicing page and click into Product Catalog tab.

  2. Click on + New Item to create a new item. It is required to provide a Description, Currency type and Unit Price for each product. Only the enabled currencies in Organization Settings are available to choose, and the currency type can not be changed after saving.

Alternatively, you can also create new product items within an invoice by enabling the Save to Product Catalog checkbox when you add new line item.

Add Products in Invoices

When adding line items in an invoice, you will be able to select all available products from your Product Catalog with the same currency type as the invoice. Updating the Description and Unit Price of these line items will not affect the products in Product Catalog.

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