Organization Settings

To make changes to your Organization, you can visit the Organization settings by clicking the Settings tab in the left bottom corner.

Only Users with the "Owner" role have the ability to access / edit the Organization settings.


The General setting tab provides information about the Organization (name, description) and Tag configurations. Mural comes with a default set of transaction tags, but you can add / remove tags specific to your financial tracking here.


The Members tab is where Organization Owners can add other team members to the platform. Click on the Invite members button to add emails from those you wish to invite to the platform.

Invited users will receive an email from [email protected] with a link to access the Mural Organization.

By default, newly added users will be given the Member role. For more details on User Roles, see the documentation here.


The Currencies tab in Organization settings allows you to configure which currencies are enabled for your organization. Enabled tokens can be used for payments and will have their transaction history synced across your managed Accounts.

By default, new Mural Organizations have USDC enabled. We can support any ERC20 token, so if your organizations uses currencies that are not available, please reach out to [email protected] and we can enable them.

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